Protecting the people and things you love the most is important. We won't just insure your cars and toys, we offer insurance for your life and health as well. Whether you're buying a new home, or making sure your family can afford it after you're gone, we'll find the right policies for your unique needs. 


This is exactly what it sounds like, a layer of insurance that extends over and above your typical auto and homeowner's policies. Umbrella insurance is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits.  Depending on the amount of additional coverage you want, an umbrella policy can be a small investment for a whole lot of peace of mind. 


Shopping around for auto insurance isn’t fun, but it's necessary. Navigating your way through countless websites, all claiming to offer the lowest prices and the fastest quotes can be daunting, but there are more important things to consider than just the rate. After all, cars aren't the only thing that can get damaged in an car accident.  

Whether you're looking to insure your 16-year-old daughter's first car, or your favorite classic collector we'll find a plan that makes sense for you and your budget.  


Being out on the open water and enjoying the fresh air should be a relaxing experience, but accidents don’t take vacations. That's why watercraft insurance is one of the most important things you carry on your boat, besides life vests of course. 


Whether you just purchased a new bike, or you need a new policy for your classic chopper, we’ve got the motorcycle insurance to protect you and your ride. 

RVs and ATVs

RVs and ATVs make for great adventures. Half the fun comes from not knowing what twists and turns lie ahead. While some of us like to take things nice and slow, others like to go full throttle. No matter who's driving, don't let inadequate coverage hold you back. 



The biggest investment most people make is in their home. Fires and natural disasters aren't the only threats, if someone gets hurt on your property, the cost of litigation can quickly threaten your financial livelihood. It's important to protect your sizable investment with a comprehensive homeowner’s insurance plan.  


If you’re renting an apartment, house, or condo, a renters policy provides added protection for your personal belongings. Just because you don’t own the property, doesn’t mean your stuff isn’t valuable.


Do you collect art? Did you inherit a diamond from your Aunt, or perhaps an antique vase? These and other valuables, referred to in the insurance world as scheduled property, may justify additional coverage. Scheduled property policies go over and above the typical coverage found in a homeowner's or renter's insurance policy and allow you to recover the full insured value of a specific item. 


Injuries or sickness will slow you down, physically and financially. The right health plan can help make a bad situation more bearable. Health insurance can even lower many everyday costs, like doctor's visits and certain prescription medications. 

While most people have heard of traditional PPO's and HMO's, it can be difficult to fully understand the risks and benefits of each. There may even be health insurance options you aren't aware of, like short term policies for coverage lapses, or supplemental insurance to cover the things that medicare won't. You might even be able to set up a medical savings account to help you save on your taxes.  

We won't just provide you with a list of options from our trusted partners, we'll talk with you and help you understand those options. 


No one wants to think about dying, and as a result many people don't want to think about life insurance.  However, life insurance really isn't about you, it's about securing financial protection for your loved ones so they can pay for funeral costs, mortgages, or whatever else they may need when you're gone.

There are also many types of life insurance. While term life insurance plans are payable upon death only, whole life insurance plans accumulate value that can be redeemed during your lifetime. Universal life insurance, provides yet another coverage option that includes aspects of both term and whole policies.

These policies can be very complicated. We'll help you assess your options and choose the right plan with the appropriate amount of coverage.